Check-In With Your Children Daily

Mental health is equally as important as physical health. Children and adolescents are in rather difficult stages of their lives. They are figuring out life and discovering who they are. These are their prime years. They are surrounded by a lot of people (especially at school) who influence their behaviors and thinking patterns. Some of … Read moreCheck-In With Your Children Daily

Addressing Common Foster Parent Fears

With over 400,000 children in foster care in the United States, the need for loving foster homes continues to rise. Seven thousand of those children reside in Kansas alone. While becoming a foster parent may not be for everyone, some otherwise great potential foster parents may harbor fears that keep them from receiving a child … Read moreAddressing Common Foster Parent Fears

How to Support Foster Families Immediately After Placement

Talk to any foster family and you will know that fostering is hard. It is also fulfilling and worth the effort. You may or may not be in a position to be a foster parent at this time but one thing you can always do is offer support to those who have chosen this path. … Read moreHow to Support Foster Families Immediately After Placement

Does Your Child Need Residential Treatment?

Keeping your child safe and healthy often requires a parent to make difficult choices. Sometimes, youth are faced with serious psychiatric problems. Their behavior can be unpredictable, difficult to manage, and even dangerous. Indeed, certain psychological issues cannot be managed successfully at home. As a parent or guardian, you have limited resources. A residential setting … Read moreDoes Your Child Need Residential Treatment?

More Tips to Introduce Your Children to Foster Children

Once you decide to bring a foster child into your home, you have to be prepared when you tell others. Be prepared. Not everyone is going to be happy for you. In fact, your extended family members may try to convince you not to do it. Fostering a child can be great, but it can … Read moreMore Tips to Introduce Your Children to Foster Children

Tips to Introduce Your Children to Foster Children

If you have decided to foster children who need a good home, that is great news. However, be prepared that not everyone is going to be happy for you. Your extended family might question your motives and reasonings. Some may even try to convince you not to foster a child. Fostering a child can be … Read moreTips to Introduce Your Children to Foster Children

Summer is here! Here’s how to have fun with your foster children!

The sun is shining, school is out, and it’s time to have some summer fun. Get the whole family involved and make plans to spend some quality time together.

This time off from school is a great opportunity for you to connect with your foster child. These summer months are also critical for foster children, many of whom have moved around a lot during the school year. If they have fallen behind in their schoolwork, now is the perfect time to help them catch up.

Becoming a foster parent: how to decide if it’s for you

Foster parenting is a big, but rewarding experience. Helping vulnerable children by providing them with a safe and loving home is a selfless way to give back and support those who need it the most.

If you’ve been considering becoming a foster parent, but still aren’t quite sure, there are ways to evaluate if it’s right for you.

Preparing your home for your foster child

So you’ve decided to become a foster parent. Congratulations! You’re about to embark on a wonderful journey! But first: it’s time to get your house ready!

You don’t always get a lot of lead time when a placement needs to be made, so it’s good to be prepared, should the time come. You foster child is likely coming from a place of great transition, so making your home as comfortable and welcoming as possible will go a long way toward making them feel safe and secure.

How foster care can positively affect the children already in the house

A foster parent can provide countless benefits to the children they foster, but those benefits also extend to the other (biological) children in the house.

While bringing in a new family member certainly creates a period of transition, it also comes with the opportunity to complement and enhance your children’s lives.