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Once you decide to bring a foster child into your home, you have to be prepared when you tell others. Be prepared. Not everyone is going to be happy for you. In fact, your extended family members may try to convince you not to do it.

Fostering a child can be great, but it can also end in disaster. It can be even harder when you already have biological children. They may struggle to understand why you need to add to your family.

Here are some more tips to introduce your children to foster children:

Inform Your Biological Children

Multiple children playing after introduce your children by mother

Children playing.

Make sure that your children know that a foster child may need a little time and space to get adjusted. Not every foster child is going to walk into a home, happy and ready to talk. Some need time to get used to their new surroundings and family. Let your children know that they should be patient and give the child time to adjust.

Let Your Kids be Role Models

Allow your children to be good role models to the foster children. They can’t act up and do whatever they want, just because there is a disruption to the family. Instead, they need to show the new family members how to act.

Be Fair

It is important that you are as fair as possible. The rules need to be the same for every child under your roof. Punishments also. Your children may get upset if they see you treating your foster child differently. That being said, it is important to give them some time to adjust and then set the rules.

It can be hard on your children when you bring a new foster child into your home. However, if you make sure that you treat everyone the same, you should be good. You can’t let the new child get away with everything or you may have a problem on your hands.

Talk to Your Kids

You also need to talk to your children before you let a foster child into your home. They need to know that it can take a new child some time to adjust to your home so they are going to have to be patient and give them some space.

Learn How to Introduce Your Foster Children to the Family

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