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You want to nurture your foster child’s talents and help them build strong friendships. You’re considering extracurricular activities, but some are over your budget. Don’t worry, there are some activities for your child that are not only fun but affordable too. Never force a certain activity on your child if he or she shows no interest in it. This will cause conflict and he won’t be motivated to engage in the activity. However, it is fine to encourage him to step out of his comfort zone and suggest something he never thought about. Here are some affordable extracurricular activities.

YMCA’s Have an Abundance of Affordable Extracurricular Activities

The local YMCA has everything from dance classes to swimming lessons during the summer. You can join for an affordable annual fee, and your child can enjoy a variety of fun activities that teach important life skills. He just might make new friends that could last many years.

Music Lessons From a College Student

While you might not be able to afford lessons with a private tutor, you can save money by having your child receive lessons from a college student who is studying music. Visit college music departments in your area and meet with the administrative staff. Ask if they know of any students who are currently giving lessons. Look at different campus billboards for flyers about students offering music lessons.

Sports Program Scholarships

 For the child who loves sports, he can join a local sports club. If you want to shave off the costs, inquire about any scholarships that the program offers. Apply early and send in any additional documentation before the deadline.

Visit the Library

 Libraries are not just for books anymore. They offer numerous activities and classes on certain days of the week, and your child can have fun for free. While he’s there, he can check out amazing books or rent DVDs in every genre.

Find More Affordable Extracurricular Activities

In conclusion, extracurricular activities can be affordable. With these tips, your foster child can enjoy himself without breaking the bank.

If you’re a foster parent seeking guidance, contact us. We are here to ensure that your fostering journey goes well for you.