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Talk to any foster family and you will know that fostering is hard. It is also fulfilling and worth the effort. You may or may not be in a position to be a foster parent at this time but one thing you can always do is offer support to those who have chosen this path. Here are six ways you can offer immediate support after the placement of a foster child.

Bring Meals

One of the best and easiest ways you can support a foster family with a new placement is to remove the burden of cooking. Indeed, offer to bring a freezable meal over. Partner with a few friends to get a Meal Train started. Deliver a stack of gift cards to restaurants that deliver to be used when needed.

Clean the House

Offer to come over and clean the house while the foster family is away. The parents can be focused on caring for the child without the worry of getting basic house chores done.

Collect Needed Items

Oftentimes children come to new homes with the clothes on their back and perhaps a small bag of a few belongings. Ask the foster family for their specific needs and gather what you can. Further, recruit other supportive friends to help.

Run Errands

There is a large time demand for new foster families. Between doctor appointments, social workers, court dates, and getting settled in school, there isn’t much time left for other errands. Offering to run simple errands will lift a lot of the time burden off their shoulders so they can focus on what the child needs most.

Welcome the Child

Changing families is scary for the foster child. Do what you and your children can to make sure the child feels welcome at church, after-school activities, playgroups, etc. This is especially important for older foster children.

Be a Listener

Remember, fostering is hard. Just calling and being a non-judgemental listener will do wonders for the new foster parent. Thus, being able to vent in a safe place will help the parent be in a healthier mental and emotional state for the child who needs it the most.

Learn More About Supporting Foster Families

You will be amazed at what one person can do to support a new foster family. Learn more about how you can be that support when you contact us.