Mission: Devoted to the Strength of Family
Pathway Family Services, LLC. provides resources for youth and families through their Independent Living Program, TRAIL (Teens Reaching Adult Independent Living), Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility, Qualified Residential Treatment Program (QRTP), Safe Haven Emergency Shelter, outpatient services and specialized foster care services.


Council on Accreditation (COA)

The Council on Accreditation (COA) is an international, independent, nonprofit, human service accrediting organization.  Founded in 1977 by the Child Welfare League of America and Family Service America (now the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities), our mission is to partner with human service organizations worldwide to improve service delivery outcomes by developing, applying, and promoting accreditation standards. We envision excellence in the delivery of human services globally, resulting in the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

Council on Accreditation
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Pathway Family Services is licensed by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment as a Child Placing Agency, License No. 0062505 and by the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services as a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility, License No. 66668.

Agency Structure

Nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation with a voluntary Board of Directors that provides effective leadership, support, and guidance.


Shirley Dwyer – Chief Operating Officer
Shay Collins – Senior Vice President
V. Torrez Dawson –Vice President of Residential & Treatment Services
Alexa Kitrell – Director, PRTF
Mariann Lowry-Cruz – Director of Residential Services
Janeen Tacey – Clinical Director
Tonya Pearson – Director of Recruitment and Compliance
Michelle Chrisman – Director of Residential Services

Annual Report

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Our History

  • 1965

    TFI founded as a rural day camp for youth, run by Maxine Johnson and her family in Admire, Kansas.

  • 1987

    TFI moved from our rural location to Emporia, Kansas. Shortly after, we opened an emergency shelter in Emporia for boys and girls.

  • 1990

    In 1990, TFI secured our first child placing agency (CPA) in Kansas. Then later in 1996 TFI became a subcontractor for the State of Kansas for foster care services.

  • 1998- 1999

    In 1998, TFI opened its first Visitation Exchange Center (VEC) in Lawrence, KS. In 1999, TFI achieved accreditation through the National Council on Accreditation (COA).

  • 2000

    TFI contracted with the State of Kansas to provide foster care & reintegration services in Region 1. Additionally, TFI secured a CPA license in Missouri.

  • 2003

    Pathway Family Services was founded.

  • 2005

    TFI began providing Family Preservation services in the State of Kansas in Region 3.

  • 2007- 2008

    In 2007, TFI opened Teens Reaching Adult Independent Living (TRAIL) facilities in Topeka and Wichita. TFI opened a TRAIL facility in Kansas City in 2008.

  • 2009

    TFI contracted with the State of Kansas to provide foster care, reintegration and adoption services in Region 1 & 3. TFI also secured the COA Hague Accreditation for international adoptions.

  • 2010

    Pathway Family Services Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) opened in Topeka, KS.

  • 2011

    Michael Patrick became the third CEO in TFI history. The same year, TFI opened an office in Kearney, NE. Additionally, TFI opened up a VEC in Wichita, KS.

  • 2012

    TFI expanded family foster care services in 2012 to Nebraska and Oklahoma. Additionally, PFS became COA accredited.

  • 2013- 2014

    TFI opened a VEC in Topeka, KS. TFI expanded family foster care services to Texas. TFI acquired Nonprofit Solutions, Inc.

  • 2018

    In Texas, 2INgage, a program of TFI, contracted with Texas DFPS to provide Stage I of community-based care services in Region 2. Nonprofit Solutions changed their name to Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions, Inc.

  • 2019- 2020

    In 2019, TFI began providing Case Management services in Areas 4 and 8 in Kansas. TFI also started the Grow Nurturing Families program, funded by the FFPSA grant. In 2020, TFI began providing Family Preservation services in western Kansas. 2INgage began providing Stage II Case Management services for children and families in Texas.

  • 2021

    TFI opened the PFS Health & Wellness Center in Topeka, KS.