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Improving the Lives of Texas Children in Need

There are thousands of high-needs youth in the Texoma region in need of a safe, structured place to receive treatment when they are placed in out-of-home care.

Blue Skies provides comprehensive, trauma-informed care practices for mental health treatment of children and youth ages 6-17. Our programs are designed to provide 24/7 services for short-term crisis and long-term intense interventions.

Through our residential treatment center, we have the ability to treat 26 children at a time in need of significant care and resources as they recover from various forms of abuse and trauma.

Our Services

Short-Term Program

Our short-term stabilization program features a five-bed unit to meet the immediate mental health needs of children and youth in crisis.

Blue Skies will conduct an in-depth assessment and utilize evidence based screening tools to determine risk factors, trauma, safety needs, mental health, family issues and lack of basic needs.

Long-Term Program

Our long-term program features a 21-bed unit to meet the longer-term mental health needs for children and youth. The average length of stay for these children and youth will be 90 days.

In this program, youth receive evidence based, best-practice therapeutic services to overcome their trauma, allowing them to thrive and become successful, healthy individuals

Thank You to Our Partners