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A group of unsung heroes lives in your community. Since these heroes don’t go about wearing capes or leaping over skyscrapers, they’re easy to miss. These hidden heroes are emergency foster parents. Perhaps you’re ready to join their ranks. Here’s information about emergency fostering so you can decide if you’re ready for the challenge.

What Is Emergency Fostering?

Often, a child’s need for foster care is sudden and unexpected. Circumstances like abuse, abandonment, or a parent’s arrest can leave a child in immediate need of a caregiver and shelter. At first, caseworkers try to place the child with a relative or a long-term foster parent. If neither is available, the child goes to an emergency foster parent for a short-term stay until a long-term placement becomes available.

Who Can Become an Emergency Foster Parent?

For all types of foster care, the process to become a licensed foster parent is the same. Foster parent applicants need to be at least 21 years old. You must meet the state’s eligibility requirements such as having a permanent residence and an outside source of income. Also, you need enough space in your home for each child to have his or her own bed. A free training class and a home inspection are part of process of becoming a foster parent.

Are You Ready?

Emergency fostering is challenging yet rewarding work. The children you will be caring for have experienced trauma and loss. Further, you will be providing a much-needed service to these children and your community. For additional information, see our post on preparing your home for emergency fostering.

Learn More About Emergency Fostering in Kansas

If you’re ready for this heroic work, contact us to start the application process. There’s a green rectangle at the bottom of our contact page to click to become a foster parent.