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emergency fostering providing a boy with comforts of home

Shot of an adorable little boy using a digital tablet in bed at night.

Every day a child’s life turns upside down by an unknown terror. Sometimes, a parent abandons them or jailed unexpectedly, a situation can happen at any time. Consequently, long-term plans and preparations aren’t always quick to happen, causing the child to suffer more. As a result, emergency fostering is implemented. When working as an emergency foster-care parent, you’ll be asked to open your home whenever needed. Frequently, these children will experience unfavorable situations. Thus, your expertise lies in calming and soothing kids this as an ideal job. Every case differs, therefore the length of a visit can vary from a couple of hours to even a couple of months. Understandably, this can be an overwhelming task, so how do you prepare for the unexpected? Here are certain tips to aid the process of letting a helpless child into your home.

Having a Spare Room/Bed Ready

If there is an extra room available, don’t fret about decorating it to the max. Every kid is different, but it is crucial to have the essentials while maintaining a comfortable atmosphere. Therefore, a cozy bed/crib (depending on age) with inviting blankets and pillows may abet a peaceful night’s sleep. Remember, this should be a space that is reserved for when a kid comes, so it should be kept clean and organized at all times.

Keeping Spare Toiletries/Snacks

In the event that the child arrives with nothing, stocking up on toiletries and snacks will create a less stressful transition for both parties. Errands such as running out to the store unexpectedly before a child comes to your home aren’t ideal and there might not always be time for such a trip. Also, the phone might ring in the middle of the night when stores aren’t usually open. Thus, having a spare toothbrush, extra shampoo, and conditioner, towels, etc. will help keep you prepared and focused.

Storing Kid-Friendly Entertainment

There is no need to amass an extravagant collection of the latest toys, games, or films (unless you have kids or the means to supply such a selection), but having a few popular items of each category can help when coaxing a distraught child. Depending on how long the child stays, you may find they have specific tastes and indulge in some shopping, but for the first few nights, this isn’t necessary. Also, picking which types of games and films may also hinge on your age preferences.


In conclusion, the goal of emergency fostering is to provide a safe, comfortable transition into the next chapter of that child’s life. By staying prepared, you can focus on creating an affectionate welcome to someone who is in dire need.

To learn more about becoming a foster parent, or to learn how to help the cause, please contact us here.