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The foster care system is overflowing with children, toddlers, and infants of all ages who desperately need foster parents willing to care for them. Some of these children have become permanent wards of the state and are awaiting an adoptive family, while others are temporarily in the foster care system while awaiting reunification with their biological families.

Many people consider becoming a foster care parent. Then, because they think they don’t qualify, they decide against it. The biggest assumptions are that foster care parents must be married and own their home to foster. However, this isn’t accurate. Today, we’ll discuss these questions to help potential foster parents have a better understanding of the requirements.

Is Marriage Required?

No. Domestic partners and single parents are able to foster children. Being married, or in a relationship, helps because there can sometimes be out-of-pocket costs pertaining to foster care. Potential foster parents do need to show proof of a livable income and will need enough time to care of their foster children’s needs.

Do I Need to Own My Home to Foster?

No. You can foster children if you rent your home, or even if you live in an extended family situation – such as with aging parents or another single parent, for example. If living in a house with other adults, keep in mind that everyone will need to pass background checks, even if they won’t be actively participating in caring for foster children.

The only requirement in terms of housing is that you have enough room for the foster child/children. This doesn’t always have to be their own room, either. Same-sex foster children can legally share bedrooms, but must have their own bed. Bunk beds, of course, count as individual beds for two children.


For more information on becoming a foster parent or to start your own journey towards fostering, contact us today.