Treat Your Foster Children Like Adults to Teach Them the Value of Money

Most kids live in a world where they are judged on the basis of the things they own. This can be a cool lunchbox or the latest iPhone. For many kids, it’s not the price of something that matters but just the fact that everyone else has that thing and they don’t. You want to … Read moreTreat Your Foster Children Like Adults to Teach Them the Value of Money

Check-In With Your Children Daily

Mental health is equally as important as physical health. Children and adolescents are in rather difficult stages of their lives. They are figuring out life and discovering who they are. These are their prime years. They are surrounded by a lot of people (especially at school) who influence their behaviors and thinking patterns. Some of … Read moreCheck-In With Your Children Daily

Addressing Common Foster Parent Fears

With over 400,000 children in foster care in the United States, the need for loving foster homes continues to rise. Seven thousand of those children reside in Kansas alone. While becoming a foster parent may not be for everyone, some otherwise great potential foster parents may harbor fears that keep them from receiving a child … Read moreAddressing Common Foster Parent Fears

Does Your Child Need Residential Treatment?

Keeping your child safe and healthy often requires a parent to make difficult choices. Sometimes, youth are faced with serious psychiatric problems. Their behavior can be unpredictable, difficult to manage, and even dangerous. Indeed, certain psychological issues cannot be managed successfully at home. As a parent or guardian, you have limited resources. A residential setting … Read moreDoes Your Child Need Residential Treatment?

Supporting Your Child Through Residential Treatment

Even more challenging than watching your child struggle with a mental health disorder might be admitting them to residential treatment. Parents often feel out of control or lost as to how to support their child while the child participates in residential treatment. Research the Facility When selecting a facility for your child, find out as … Read moreSupporting Your Child Through Residential Treatment

You Can Help a Child by Respite Fostering

Are you a nurturing caregiver? You take great care on a daily basis to make sure your loved ones are properly cared for. Thus, what if you could help a child by offering the same to them? There’s a need in Kansas for people just as yourself to provide such services. Foster care can be … Read moreYou Can Help a Child by Respite Fostering

I Want to be a Foster Parent in Kansas

There are many people who want to foster a child. However, they have no idea what steps to take or what is expected of them. Here are some of the things that a person must know before becoming a foster parent. The Facts The children in foster care range from birth to 21. Their care can … Read moreI Want to be a Foster Parent in Kansas

Tips to Introduce Your Children to Foster Children

If you have decided to foster children who need a good home, that is great news. However, be prepared that not everyone is going to be happy for you. Your extended family might question your motives and reasonings. Some may even try to convince you not to foster a child. Fostering a child can be … Read moreTips to Introduce Your Children to Foster Children

What is Respite Foster Care?

As a foster parent, you are responsible for a child at all times. However, there are going to be times when you need to do something that prevents you from watching him or her. Unlike your biological children, your parents may not be willing to watch your foster child even for a few hours. Respite … Read moreWhat is Respite Foster Care?

Tips to Help a Troubled Foster Child

While you may picture yourself getting a baby or toddler to foster, the truth is that you could find yourself with an older child who has been through a lot. He or she may push you away, no matter how kind you are. He or she may also act out and react in ways that … Read moreTips to Help a Troubled Foster Child