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Are you looking for a way to curb your foster child’s screen addiction? Do you want a better way to bond with him on weekends? Then a weekend game night is a cool option. There are board games, card games, outdoor games, and puzzles that you can do together. If your child loves to ask a lot of questions, then trivia games are good too. Serve the family’s favorite snacks and put on some fun music to create a cool atmosphere. Here are some additional game night ideas.

Cookie Decorating Contest

One idea would be to have a cookie decorating contest. Assign each child a theme for a certain number of cookies and let them decorate to their heart’s content. Your spouse, one of the kids’ friends, or the grandparents will judge the cookie decorations and the top winner will get to choose the meal for the next day.

Music and Movie Trivia Games

This is neat for the music and movie geeks in your family. You might create the trivia game around movies from the 90s and early 2000s to challenge the teens while having a kids’ movie trivia game for the little ones. Also, have the kids create some tough trivia games for you and your spouse.

Backyard Basketball Game

If you have teens and preteens, you can play basketball games in the yard. Some good prizes to offer to the team with the most points include candy from the store, a homemade dessert, a gift card to each of the winners on the team, or a day off from doing assigned chores.

Jump Rope Games

For all the girls who love to jump rope, jump rope games are cool. Your daughters might have a game where you determine which girl can jump the longest for a certain number of minutes. Set the timer and then have each girl jump rope until the timer goes off. The girl who jumps until the end without getting tired gets a prize.

Find More Fun Weekend Game Night Ideas

In conclusion, these games bring the family together and they encourage physical activity in your kids.

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