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child doing arts and crafts at school

Little boy painting bird house.

Although your foster child is getting most of his learning at school, this doesn’t mean that you can’t build on those lessons at home. Your child learns best when he has both your’s and his teacher’s support, and teachers encourage parents to be involved in their children’s learning. There are numerous fun ways to supplement what your child learns in school, and here are a few of them.

Trips to the School Library

One of the best ways to supplement your child’s education is by bringing him to the library. He can choose interesting books on the topics he’s studying at school, and then he might write small summaries of what he read so that the two of you can discuss them. Sometimes library books have more detailed information than the textbooks.

Online Printables

If your child is in pre-k or kindergarten, online printables are helpful. Pinterest has thousands of links to educational websites from moms who offer free printables that teach concepts such as the alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers, and sorting in categories. You can print out lots of them and keep these on hand for use after school and on the weekends.

Go on Budget-Friendly Field Trips

The weekends are great for taking your foster child on field trips. If he’s learning about famous painters throughout the early 20th century, bring him to any upcoming exhibits that highlight the works of those painters. Call the museum and inquire about any discounts they offer. If your child is learning about important Hispanic-American history makers, you can take him to a local cultural center that emphasizes Hispanic-American culture.

Do Crafts Together

Your child might not learn the best with just textbooks and worksheets. If this is the case, incorporate more hands-on activities and crafts. Maybe you can buy a jigsaw puzzle of the United States map and do it with him. Indeed, this could make social studies fun for your child.

Find More Fun Ways to Supplement Your Foster Child’s School Education At Home

In conclusion, these strategies are great for supplementing your child’s education at home.

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