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As a foster parent, you will have the opportunity to provide respite care for multiple children. Respite care is temporary care that provides a break for the foster family that usually cares for the child. This can be beneficial for many reasons, and is much needed for those who are involved in foster care. Here are a couple of great reasons why respite care is so important for foster children.

It Gives The Child A Licensed Home To Stay In 

If a child’s foster parents go out of town for a vacation, work, etc., and plan to leave all the children with a family friend or relative, this often isn’t a possibility for the foster child. The reason for this is that a foster child can only stay with adults who are licensed to take care of children in foster care. This is where respite care can be very helpful. A child can stay in respite care while their regular foster parents are away, and can then return to their regular foster family when they return home.

It Ensures The Best Environment For The Child 

It is very important that foster children are kept in the best environments possible, at all times. Having respite homes for foster children to stay in temporarily is what makes this possible. Whether the parents are away, or simply need a break from having the foster child in their home, respite care is key. This lets the foster child stay somewhere that they can enjoy themselves in a safe and fun environment, and also gives their foster parents the break they need.

To learn more about why respite care is so important for foster children, or to become certified to be a foster parent for respite care today, visit us at Pathway Family Services.