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It is so important that foster children are able to get the therapy that they need for a lot of the trauma that they have been through. Thankfully, Pathway Family Services not only offers these therapy services, but they also help foster parents learn what they need to know about trust-based relational interventions. These interventions are key to ensuring that the foster child is able to get on the right track and receive the help and care that they need. This treatment is for those who deal with mental health issues, as well as those who deal with substance abuse, and other forms of trauma. The treatment is offered both in-person, and via telehealth, so more outpatients can receive the help that they need. Here’s why trust-based relational interventions are so important.

It Trains Caregivers To Give Effective Support 

One reason why trust-based relational interventions are so important is because they allow the caregivers to give effective support to their foster child.   They are given the tools that they need to both understand the child and help them. Since children in foster care go through a lot of different types of trauma, being understood and supported when it comes to therapy, is key.

It Helps Children Develop Healthy Relationships 

If a child has been through a lot of trauma, they are often unable to develop any kind of healthy relationships. This is because none of their previous relationships have functioned normally. However, with the help of trust-based relational interventions, the child learns that they can trust some adults and that there is help out there for them in the form of outpatient therapy.

It Allows The Children To See The Benefits Of Outpatient Therapy

Lastly, trust-based relational interventions allow the child to see what benefits come along with outpatient therapy. At first, they may be very resistant to any kind of therapy, because they believe that it will not help them. Overtime, and with the help of trust building and understanding, they will be able to see the benefits of therapy.

To learn more about the importance of trust-based relational interventions, or to learn how to implement this type of intervention and enroll your foster child in outpatient therapy today, visit us at Pathway Family Services.