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PTSD can be frightening and stressful, not just for children but also for their families. Here at Pathway Family Services Inc, our goal is helping teens and their families understand the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how to recover from it. And find secure, loving homes for our youth. A lot of parents probably wonder what PTSD is? PTSD is a mental disorder caused by experiencing a traumatic event such as rape, abuse, and even witnessing a crime.

Know the symptoms

As a parent, you might not even realize your child is suffering from this stress disorder because the symptoms of PTSD in teens make them appear to be acting out. The symptoms can range anywhere from trouble sleeping and on guard to loss of interest in things and becoming detached from the people around them. PTSD in teens is almost always associated with having flashbacks. The child might even re-enact the traumatic experience.


It’s frustrating for families and foster parents and can make you feel like there is nothing you can do to help your child and hate seeing them suffer. Luckily there are different treatment options such as trauma therapy and productive exercises to help your child cope with their trauma. The next time you notice your child having a flashback or histrionic behavior, try using these methods.

  • (Respond don’t react) whenever your child is upset, remember to stay calm and speak in a low voice.
  • (Avoid physical punishment) it could make your child feel even more panicked; instead, try setting reasonable limitations and remember to praise them for good behavior.
  • (Don’t take their actions personally) don’t judge your child for their feelings but talk with them about better ways to express themselves next time.
  • (Be patient) every child is uniquely different. Don’t expect them to heal or cope with their trauma the way someone else does.
  • (Encourage self-esteem) PTSD can make your child feel bad about themselves. Do your best to encourage positive experiences.
  • (Identify trauma triggers) whenever your child has a flashback, observe the setting; there might be something triggering their outburst.
  • ( be emotionally and physically available)

Family resources

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