What is Specialized Foster Care?

Being a kid isn’t easy. Whether you’re a biological or foster parent, you know that a child needs a lot of care and attention so that they can grow up to be the great person they are meant to be. Some foster children require a little extra care due to physical or mental health issues, … Read moreWhat is Specialized Foster Care?

How to Prepare for Emergency Fostering

Every day a child’s life turns upside down by an unknown terror. Sometimes, a parent abandons them or jailed unexpectedly, a situation can happen at any time. Consequently, long-term plans and preparations aren’t always quick to happen, causing the child to suffer more. As a result, emergency fostering is implemented. When working as an emergency … Read moreHow to Prepare for Emergency Fostering

You Can Help a Child by Respite Fostering

Are you a nurturing caregiver? You take great care on a daily basis to make sure your loved ones are properly cared for. Thus, what if you could help a child by offering the same to them? There’s a need in Kansas for people just as yourself to provide such services. Foster care can be … Read moreYou Can Help a Child by Respite Fostering

Kansas’s Struggling Foster Care System

Kansas’s struggling foster care is suffering from a shortage of foster care workers because the requirements are too high. Many workers feel that the requirements are too restrictive because of the different standards in different states. Some states do not require licenses, and some do not even require that their workers have degrees in social work. … Read moreKansas’s Struggling Foster Care System