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Foster parenting is difficult. This is why it’s important for foster parents to have time to relax and decompress. According to the report published by the United States Children’s Bureau, the United States has more than 400,000 children in foster care. Respite fostering provides foster families with an excellent option for both the parents and the children. Today, we will look at a few steps that you should take in advance of respite fostering.

Contact Your Fostering Agency

Every fostering agency is different, therefore, it is important that you contact your agency in advance of your respite time. You should call the agent whom you work with several weeks in advance to let them know of your plans, ask for any feedback, and go over all of the guidelines. Your agent might even be able to set up a respite date with a family you are familiar with.

Get in Touch With the Respite Family

It is extremely helpful to reach out to the respite family on multiple occasions before sending your foster children. This will allow you to feel more comfortable and secure before sending your kids. Additionally, you can go over any specific needs that your children have.

Prepare Your Foster Children Adequately

Depending on the age of your foster child, you should prepare differently, but make sure that your child has all of the supplies necessary for a safe, fun trip. If your child is younger, make sure to pack items such as diapers, wipes, formula, and other pertinent supplies. If your child is older, make sure that they are comfortable with the respite family. From there, pack them toys, clothes, and other items that they need.

Learn More About Respite Fostering

Hopefully, you have gained some valuable insight into how to prepare for respite fostering. To learn more about respite fostering, please contact us.