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a foster child between the ages of 3-5 playing with play doh which was one of her birthday presents

Child playing with clay molding shapes, kids crafts

If you have a foster child between ages two and five, you’re wondering which presents are the best to get him or her for an upcoming birthday. Look for presents that help them develop their fine and gross motor skills because they’ll need these skills to help them learn how to ride a bike, hold pencils, and write out words or their name. Strong motor skills are also beneficial in helping them dress. Purchase toys that are in line with their interests. If your daughter loves to paint your nails, give her a kiddie manicure set. Or if your son enjoys mega blocks, get these for him. Here are some neat gift ideas for little foster kids.

Easel With Paper and Paint

Most kids love messy play that is fun and allows them to get creative. Purchase an easel with paper and paints. Have your child wear a shirt that you don’t mind him getting dirty in and then let him have a blast. You can show him pictures of objects and see how he attempts to paint them on paper. You’ll probably laugh with excitement.


Playing with colorful clay is great for building your child’s motor skills and hand muscles. This clay comes in diverse colors, and he can use it for a variety of art projects. Keep a lot of this on hand for rainy days when your little one can’t be outside.

Culture-Specific Board Storybooks

If your foster child is of a different culture, seek outboard books that celebrate his heritage. These books help him understand his cultural identity in a simple and fun way. Then,  you can have him act out certain scenes from the books or prepare the meals that the books talk about on one day out the week.

Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart

This sweet and educational toy will appeal to the ice cream lover in your life.  This cart comes with a few ice cream pieces in diverse flavors, cones, and a register. There are sounds from this cart that teach your child ice cream flavors, colors, and different objects by name. Additionally, the cart has wheels, and a person sings songs as your child moves it from one room to the next.

Wooden Puzzles

Look for wooden puzzles that teach the alphabet, colors, numbers, and shapes. Puzzles are excellent for little ones who are visual learners and who might get bored with printables and books. Also, you can sing fun songs to help your child remember what he’s learning from the puzzles.


In conclusion, these toys are fun and educational for your toddler’s development. If you’re a foster parent who needs additional assistance, contact us. We are here to give guidance and encouragement on your journey of foster parenting.