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Throughout the United States, thousands of children, every single year, end up in the American foster care system. Although you may be aware of the dire need for parents, adults, and caretakers to step up and provide a safe and supportive environment for these displaced children, most people don’t like to think about the reasons why we need a foster care system in the first place.

It’s an unfortunate reality when a child ends up without parents, but thanks to our community, we are able to offer them something better for the future.

Here are the top reasons children end up in foster care:

  1. Neglect: Children can be neglected and mistreated in a variety of ways, leading to an un-safe home environment, both physically and mentally. Thankfully, we’re able to offer a neglect-free environment for these children that contributes to their maturity and wholesome development.
  2. Abandonment: In the worst circumstances, parents have been known to drop their kids at school, never to return again. They choose to leave their children alone for the rest of their lives. Battling their own hardships, raising children on top of everything can seem too daunting for some people to stomach. That’s where we come in. We show these children that abandonment does not have to be part of their future.
  3. Death: In the event that a single parent passes away, with no guardians or caretakers stepping up to the plate to care for the child, it can be a tough situation that leaves the child totally alone and without care. It’s not their fault that their guardian passed away, which is what we show and explain to them through our supportive services.

Pathway Family Services
Here at Pathway Family Services, we know how critical foster care and support services are for the thousands of displaced and neglected children in our country today. Foster parents provide these kids with a new start, a way to make loving and stable connections that instill trust and hope back into poor children that have been exposed to life’s hardships far too young.

We ask you to consider opening up your family, your life, and your home to a child in need through our services this year. Together, we can rise above the maltreatment and lack-of-love that these children are used to. We’re here to support you throughout the entire journey.