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The Scenario

Despair can sneak up on someone. Often, the mental state of a child will seem to be satisfactory. But, they are hiding deep psychological feelings that can hurl them into a deep depression. Sometimes the reason for the feelings will seem unfounded, but other times it is obvious why it has gotten the best of them. Children can often seem to be fine but will become overwhelmed and just want to commit suicide or attempt to commit suicide. Many times, it will not be that pronounced. Besides the obvious suicide threat, problems that may lead to seeking a residential treatment program may be an eating disorder, drug addiction, cutting, or other self-destructive behaviors, or violent tendencies. This is definitely the time to seek residential treatment for the youth.

Where to Get Help

 Pathway Family Services has a residential treatment program for in-need youth. It is set up for young people between the ages of 6 and 18, whether male or female. It is a small facility with only 16 beds. This ensures the patient will get the personal attention needed. We are a trauma-informed comprehensive program for youth in Topeka, Kansas. Our treatment includes counseling with both patient and parents, or foster parents, ongoing plans, and support with parents, teachers, and psychological professionals. At times, a young person may need a little boost to be able to tackle life’s challenges. Just because they need this temporary boost with intensive care, does not mean they will face a lifetime of need.


A referral can be in the form of a parent or foster parent seeing the need. A medical professional or mental health professional may make a  referral. A social worker or caseworker may be the referee.  A teacher or school administrator may also be the main referral. To direct questions on how we can assist you and children in your life, please contact us at Pathway Family Services.