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When a child needs a little more support than what is found in a foster home, a non-family home may be utilized. Time in a non-family home will be temporary, focused on the child’s specific needs, and help prepare them to return to a family home. Qualified Residential Treatment Programs fulfill this need for a non-family home. Our Qualified Residential Treatment Program offers the following benefits:

  1. It is nationally accredited.
  2. It follows the trauma-informed treatment model.
  3. It is staffed by a registered or licensed practical nurse who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  4. It provides on-going communication with the family and stakeholders.

How does the Qualified Residential Treatment Program Operate?

Pathway’s Family Services QRTP can be beneficial to a child that needs care, supervision or treatment that can’t be provided in a family home. While the child is in the QRTP,  the program will maintain contact information for relatives and facilitate outreach to those relatives, encouraging participation in the child’s treatment. The program will also maintain documentation about how the family members participate in the treatment process.

The child’s placement within the QRTP is continually assessed to monitor the child’s progress towards their goals and the need for continuation of the placement. Once it is determined that the child’s needs are met and it’s beneficial for the child to return to a less restrictive family setting, the QRTP will help prepare the child for this transition.

What happens when a child leaves the Qualified Residential Treatment Program?

A family support plan will continue when the child is returned to the family setting to ensure the child’s success. The transition will occur without any gaps in service to promote success in the family environment. The family support plan will be followed for at least 6 months after the child is transitioned back to the family setting.

For more information about the QRTP at Pathway Family Services contact us.