Independent Living Program for Teens in Foster Care

Have you ever heard of the term “aging out”? In regards to foster care, it refers to children in foster care who become too old to qualify for care. Traditionally, the magical age has been 18, which is when children reach legal adulthood. They might be advised to join the military, or given enough money … Read moreIndependent Living Program for Teens in Foster Care

Provide a Child a Home by Becoming a Foster Parent

In Kansas, there are more children in shelters than there are in foster care. This is because there are only 2,000 foster homes for 6,000 foster children. Some are even placed outside of their home community, meaning that in a day they lose their home, friends, school and their family, especially when they are separated … Read moreProvide a Child a Home by Becoming a Foster Parent

Tips to Introduce Your Children to Foster Children

If you have decided to foster children who need a good home, that is great news. However, be prepared that not everyone is going to be happy for you. Your extended family might question your motives and reasonings. Some may even try to convince you not to foster a child. Fostering a child can be … Read moreTips to Introduce Your Children to Foster Children

Common Behaviors Exhibited by Foster Children

Foster children come from all walks of life. They have many different experiences and behaviors which make them who they are. While some had supportive parents that they lost too soon, others have been shuffled through the system for years, never finding a place to call home. Because of this, many foster children may exhibit … Read moreCommon Behaviors Exhibited by Foster Children

December 2017 – Between Families Newsletter

Reasons to be thankful and have a gratitude list..
The cost of gratitude

Today, I’m aware of the fact that life is better than I deserve, which is saying something these days. The world is full of pain and suffering, hardship and turmoil, disappointment and regret. So the fact that I can be thankful and mean it is, in its own way, a small miracle.

November 2017 – Between Families Newsletter

10 Ways to Help Foster and Adopted Kids Through the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner! For many this is a time that is relished – spent with family, decorations, good food, and a feeling of warmth. But for many foster and adoptive children, this is a time that brings up questions and tough feelings. Below are some tips on helping your foster or adopted child through the holidays.

September 2017 – Between Families Newsletter

The Parent Coach Plan

A great resource for foster parents as well as children can be located at This can be applied to all ages and there are many more topics to choose from on the website. This allows the parent as well as the child to engage in the development of the contract which can ensure more success for you as well as the child! They are Parent/Coach Child Contracts