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Foster children come from all walks of life. They have many different experiences and behaviors which make them who they are. While some had supportive parents that they lost too soon, others have been shuffled through the system for years, never finding a place to call home.

Because of this, many foster children may exhibit behavioral issues. Some behaviors are easier to handle than others.

Here are some common behavioral problems that foster children have.

Child not exhibiting behaviors typical of foster child.

Caucasian mom enjoys a laugh with her foster child.

Lack of Attachment to Foster Parents

Many foster children struggle to form an attachment to their foster parents. This is often called reactive attachment disorder, otherwise known as RAD. Children are often withdrawn, depressed, and listless. They may not show attachment to their foster parents or even toys.

Stress and Insecurities

Many are also stressed and insecure which they cover up by defying authority.Since most children have been bounced from one home to another, most are very unsure about their future. Because of this, they may push you away because they already feel like you are going to send them away anyway. They may not listen to you and struggle in school because they won’t listen to their teachers.


Children in foster care are often confused about their parents and foster parents. They may cling to their parents even though the parents don’t take care of them. They may also cling to anyone who shows them attention.

Many Tears

Foster children may cry a lot. Younger children don’t know how to handle the foster system. They may grow attached, only to be torn away from that parent to be sent elsewhere. It can be even worse if they get to see their biological parents too! Going back and forth is really hard on children.

Learn More About Common Behaviors Exhibited by Foster Children

Foster children have been through a lot. Some of them are unable to form a bond with their foster parents while others get too attached and clingy. Many struggle with authority, especially those who have been taking care of themselves for a long time!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in becoming a foster parent or would like to support our efforts.