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What is TRAIL?

Late adolescence is a time fraught with conflict for some individuals as they leave their family units while wishing to integrate into the adult world. Unfortunately, many at-risk youth flounder without social support like the intervention and care of Pathway Family Services. At age 17, they often have valid conflicts with their family of origin, but often lack the funds to support themselves with the type of low-paying jobs available to those lacking a high school education. While they want to be independent, they can find themselves without anywhere to stay or rapidly aging out of the foster care system.

Due to the lack of economic opportunity and the challenge of independent living without parental support, many individuals would end up on the streets without integrated living programs. They are likely to fall into homelessness, addiction, and other destructive cycles without a safe living environment. Moreover, they would lack a skill set that makes them employable as well as other marks of maturity. For instance, without proper parental guidance, many young people would be unable to budget, complete basic home management chores, and find their own employment. We recognize that these youth stand at a disadvantage without mentors, educational and employment opportunities, and structure.

Our program is called TRAIL (Teens Reaching Adult Independent Living) and serves as a stepping stone for young adults between the ages of 17-22 who endeavor to find their place in the world. We provide safe, furnished, and hospitable quarters while teaching skills to them. Many of those who come into our care or face homelessness at such a young age have trauma. As a result of this, we provide individuals with access to mental health professionals and round-the-clock specialists. Our residents have a chance at living in a stable home with a professional medical support system, which is often a huge contrast to their prior home.

The TRAIL program has many components that range from teaching individuals self-care to setting goals for them to prepare for the transition to completely independent living. All members of our program have to complete a GED and further education is highly encouraged. Education is one part of a two-pronged approach to acquiring the skills needed for gainful employment. We also have our young people find jobs and/or participate in training programs if not employed. TRAIL provides them with the type of opportunities and access to activities that other young people in better situations have and levels the playing field.

Our program helps young people from falling into the cracks through no fault of their own. We strive to help young adults achieve independence and help them on their journey through life. To learn more about TRAIL or our other opportunities, contact us today.