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You have a burning desire to make a difference by raising a foster child but you have doubts about it. Maybe you feel that you earn a modest income and it won’t be enough to be a foster parent. Or your relatives and friends put doubts in your mind based on how well they know you, and now you wonder if you should take the plunge. These are just a few myths about foster parenting that hold you back. Here are other myths to ignore.

I’m Not Married. They Will Turn Me Down

This is not true at all. Single people are welcomed to become foster parents and because you don’t have the additional responsibilities of a spouse or other biological children, this gives you more free time to raise your foster child well.

It’s Too Expensive to Be a Foster Parent

It’s costly to raise both biological and foster children. Thankfully, there are resources offered to you that can lighten the financial load of foster parenting. Many foster children qualify for Medicaid and reduced or free school lunches. Foster parents also receive monetary reimbursement for the duration of the time that kids remain in their homes. It also helps to save as much money as possible before deciding to raise a foster child.

But I Have Other Children at Home

When you decide to become a foster parent, you show your children the benefits of helping others in need. Your biological children can offer support to the foster children by playing games with them, giving advice, teaching them life skills, sharing toys with them, or just by being good listeners.

What If I Don’t Want to Raise Teens?

You have the option of deciding on the age levels that you’re the most comfortable with. Maybe you have a background in early childhood education, and you learned a variety of ways to relate to toddlers and kindergarteners. On the other hand, the more open you are to various age levels, the easier it is to obtain placements.

Find More Myths That Keep You From Becoming a Foster Parent

In conclusion, don’t let these myths keep you from raising a foster child. You have the love, compassion, resources, and wisdom needed to make his life better even if doesn’t stay with you forever.

If you live in Kansas and desire to become a foster parent, contact us. Our compassionate staff is here to assist you in starting this amazing journey.