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One thing that we can all count on is that life is unpredictable.  Feeling like we are in control can some days resemble walking on a tightrope. Indeed, the future is a scary place.

What if you lived your entire life on that rope?  If every turn you made in life was full of uncertainties and fear? What if your future was something that you had no control over? What if all you wanted was to feel safe and secure?

Foster Care

Being a child in foster care can be one of the scariest places on earth. They just want to belong to someone. They want to know that their future is full of promise. No child deserves to carry around with them the weight of the decisions of others, but many do. For many, it shapes the people they will one day become. Many of them become adults who carry scars that nobody ever took the time to mend so they could become whole again. What if you could change that? What if you could change the future?

You can change the future for one child. With just one thing, love, you can give them a life filled with hope. Love can give them that future of hope that we all crave.

Becoming a Foster Parent

Becoming a foster parent is an opportunity to give the gift of belonging to a child that needs someone to belong to. It opens the door to the security that they so desperately need and gives them the chance to see a future without fear and doubt.

A safe place to lay our heads is something many of us take for granted. Many children in this world do not have that tonight. What’s more, many will go to bed without hearing anyone say I love you. You could change that.

Learn More About Changing the Future for a Foster Child

Please consider becoming a foster parent and changing the future for a child. Every drop of love has a lasting impact. Contact us to learn more.