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According to the CCA Institute, there are about 424,000 children in foster in the country at any given moment. The core definition of fostering is providing a comfortable, caring home for a foster child that’s conducive to their growth and development. This begs the question, do I need a spare bedroom to foster?

Today, we’ll be looking at whether a spare bedroom is necessary before fostering a child and what you can do if you don’t have one. Let’s get right into it.

What Is a Spare Bedroom?

A spare bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean a room designated as a “bedroom” by an architect or engineer. A spare bedroom is any room in your house that’s empty or that you can accommodate a guest or family member. However, the room must be conducive enough for someone to comfortably sleep in.

Do Foster Kids Need Their Own Bedroom?

The answer is both yes and no, depending on your state’s regulations and where you want them to sleep. But if you’re planning to foster, you need to understand that:-

Sleeping in parents’ bedroom: Only foster children below the age of 1 can sleep in their parents’ bedroom. Any foster child over 1 year old will need a separate crib and their own room.

Sharing a room with siblings: Foster children can share their room with siblings, provided each child has their own bed and dresser. However, some states have an age and gender limit for foster children sharing rooms. In most states, children over 5 years old can’t share a room with a sibling of the opposite gender.

Having their own bedroom: Foster children with their own bedrooms have the space and freedom to settle into their new homes. This would be the ideal case, except for younger children who still get night frights. In that case, they can come sleep in your bed or in their sibling’s bed.

Foster a Child and Make a Difference

With proper arrangements, you can foster a child and transform their life for the better. Just be sure to check your state-specific requirements on housing a foster child to be on the safe side.

Contact us today and we’ll help you become a foster parent.