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Nationwide, by year-end 2021, there were about 402,000 children in the foster care system. Of that amount, close to 7,000 children in the State of Kansas were in the foster care system. These are troubling numbers. Foster parents are always needed to care for these children who have been taken out of their homes.

Pathway Family Services is a Kansas state licensed Child Placement Agency (CPA). One goal being addressed in Pathway Family Services’ mission is, contributing to the strength of family by providing specialized foster care services. Pathway Family Services is always looking for caring and compassionate individuals to assist us in our mission.

Starting the Foster Care Process

To begin the process of becoming a licensed foster parent with Pathway Family Services, visit Here you will find a secure application. Complete the application form and press “Send.” Representatives at Pathway Family Services will evaluate the application and evaluate your eligibility to become a licensed foster care provider. Someone will contact you about your application and let you know your next steps.

Foster Care Pre-Licensure Training Requirements

Eligible candidates will be licensed through the Kansas Department for Children and Family (DCF) and the Residential Licensing Division. Pathway Family Services offers, free of charge, required foster parent training courses. In addition to this training, eligible candidates will need to be trained on Medication Administration, CPR/First Aid, and Universal Precautions. The pre-licensing process may also include several home visits to ensure your home meets Kansas DCF home standards.

Time Until Licensure

The time from the beginning of the licensing process to being licensed can take between four and six months. This is the typical time it takes to conduct all initial trainings, background checks, and home visits for licensing.

Partner with Pathway Family Services

Becoming a licensed foster care provider is rewarding and addresses the urgent needs of children who were removed from their homes due to abuse and/or neglect. Stepping in to aid these children and supporting the strength of families will help us to positively influence all children and families involved with Kansas DCF. Please contact us, Pathway Family Services today.