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Spring is finally here, which means children are itching to get outside and enjoy the warmer, happier air. As a parent, it can feel overwhelming when the weather starts to warm, with kids wanting to do all sorts of activities outside to celebrate the upcoming summer season. However, there are plenty of safe, low-budget outdoors activities that you can do with your children or monitor efficiently from the kitchen window.

For all the foster parents out there, here are 7 family friendly activities to provide for your kids this year:

  1. Kites: Kites are just as amusing to kids today as they were 100-years ago. They cost close to nothing and can keep children entertained for hours. As Mary Poppins said, “Let’s go fly a kite.”
  2. Scavenger Hunt: It only takes a little planning to set up an outdoor scavenger hunt for your kids. Consider coordinating one and setting up this weekend while they’re still sleeping.
  3. Biking: Although bikes can be expensive, consider the amusement and healthy physical activity that kids get out of biking today. Providing them with a bike will keep them entertained every single day of the week.
  4. Mini Golf: If you want to really kick-start the spring season happily, take the family to the nearest mini golf course. There is perhaps nothing more exciting to a kid than playing mini golf with the family.
  5. Gardening: Although the thought of gardening might not be exciting to kids, planting and tending to one for them to watch and observe is incredibly beneficial for them. Ask them to harvest the crops and help pull up weeds. Their natural fascination will make it a rather enjoyable experience.
  6. Camping: No, you don’t have to pack up the family and travel hours to go officially camping – you can do it right in your backyard. Grab a tent and set it up for the kids. Allow them to camp out in it overnight. Tend to a fire that evening, obviously supervised, under the stars and make it feel like the real camping experience.
  7. Picnics: Another activity you can do right in your backyard is set up a picnic for the family to enjoy. Pack a basket with fun treats and sandwiches, lay out a blanket, and tell your kids it’s time for the spring picnic. They will be undoubtedly excited.

Pathway Family Services
Here at Pathway Family Services, we provide guidance, support, and resources to foster parents navigating the waters of foster child-rearing. As such, we want you to come together as a family, which is why we’re recommending you take advantage of the upcoming nice weather and use it as a tool to bond and communicate with your children. Whether it’s camping in the backyard or indulging in your own family picnic, those are the memories that your children will never, ever forget.