How Residential Treatment Can Help Mental Health

Residential treatment is when a person struggling with mental health problems lives at a treatment facility to receive around-the-clock care. Such treatment facilities offer communities of people with similar struggles, educational programs, and constant access to treatment experts. There are a few benefits to residential treatment which other programs may not have: Patients Are Away … Read moreHow Residential Treatment Can Help Mental Health

Using CBT to Overcome Anxiety

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults in the United States, but only a little over a third of them receive treatment. Anxiety is commonly a co-occurring disorder, where the patient may also suffer from depression, sleep disorders, eating disorders, OCD, PTSD, phobias, or bipolar disorder. What … Read moreUsing CBT to Overcome Anxiety

December 2017 – Between Families Newsletter

Reasons to be thankful and have a gratitude list..
The cost of gratitude

Today, I’m aware of the fact that life is better than I deserve, which is saying something these days. The world is full of pain and suffering, hardship and turmoil, disappointment and regret. So the fact that I can be thankful and mean it is, in its own way, a small miracle.

November 2017 – Between Families Newsletter

10 Ways to Help Foster and Adopted Kids Through the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner! For many this is a time that is relished – spent with family, decorations, good food, and a feeling of warmth. But for many foster and adoptive children, this is a time that brings up questions and tough feelings. Below are some tips on helping your foster or adopted child through the holidays.

September 2017 – Between Families Newsletter

The Parent Coach Plan

A great resource for foster parents as well as children can be located at This can be applied to all ages and there are many more topics to choose from on the website. This allows the parent as well as the child to engage in the development of the contract which can ensure more success for you as well as the child! They are Parent/Coach Child Contracts

July 2017 – Between Families Newsletter

A reminder of why we do what we do

RICHMOND — Elexis Webster was just 14 years old when she landed in foster care, after being discovered by police living in a car somewhere near Hayward.

She spent years homeless and impoverished and missed three grades. But this week, Elexis’ resilience and determination was on full display as she graduated third in her class with a 4.6 GPA from Kennedy High School in Richmond. She will attend UC San Diego in the fall.