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If you want to strengthen family and community relations, it sometimes becomes necessary to seek professional help. Whether you have a child or a family member with mental health issues or substance abuse issues, it can help them (or the family as a whole) to see a therapist. And it also helps if that therapist is trained in dealing with traumatic situations or can bring about a trust-based intervention. Here are some of the ways in which Pathway’s outpatient services can help you, your child and your family as a whole:

  1. Creating Pathways of Communication: Communication is the most important thing in a family or a community. Most people may not think about it consciously, but a relationship—any relationship—only works so long as two people are able to communicate with each other. If one of the two people feels like they’re not being heard or that their wishes aren’t being taken into consideration, they will naturally feel resentful. But when you work with a therapist, they can give you simple, tested ways of communicating that will help people to express what they feel as well as listen to others.
  2. Providing Psychological Evaluations: At times, a family is not able to deal with a problem because they don’t know exactly what it is. In such cases, it helps to do a psychological evaluation with the help of written tests and verbal sessions with the therapist. Once you understand that you’re dealing with a particular kind of mental illness, the solution will fall into place. The person suffering from the mental illness will be able to get on medication, if necessary and go for therapy, along with other family members who will also understand how to help that person grow and develop as an individual.
  3. Dealing with Trauma: In some cases, a child or another individual in a family might be dealing with traumatic issues. In such cases, the therapist will introduce time-tested ways of helping the individual deal with that trauma. It may not be possible to make the trauma go away entirely but an individual can still lead a whole and happy life even after undergoing trauma if they take action and have the support of their family.

Contact us to learn more about outpatient services which can help you on an individual as well as a family level.