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Do you have an adopted kid and wondering if you can travel with them? The Child Protection and Permanency (CP&P) unit encourages parents to take their children on vacation trips to improve their social well-being.
This process will also help your child feel part of the family and improve the bonding process. Other benefits include:
•    Vacations expand the child’s social awareness
•    Adventures grow the child’s self-concept and self-confidence
•    Reduces home-based confinement stress
•    It makes kids smarter.
Below is a resourceful guideline as you plan to travel with your foster child.

What Can Restrict Me From Traveling with My Foster Child?

Various hindrances can stop you from taking your foster child on vacation. The court system mainly determines these restrictions. They include:
•    When your foster child has medical or therapeutic appointments: strict appointments with minimal reschedule options will restrict you from traveling with your foster child.
•    When your child has scheduled court appearances: if the court requires child visitations, this will hinder them from accompanying you during your vacation.

When Do I Need Approval?

You can travel with your foster child on a trip lasting 72 hours without approval from the agency. If you plan a more extended vacation, you will need authorization through the worker. Some trips will require court approval if your foster child has pending appointments.
If you plan to travel out of state, notify the child’s worker before starting the trip. A recommendable timeframe is 30 days for any trip exceeding three days. It’ll give them enough time to prepare the required approvals and obtain court orders.
It is recommendable to ask for approval even for a single-day trip.

Get Proper Travel Approval Today

Understanding how vacationing with your foster child operates is ideal. As you plan your family vacation, get complete know-how of your travel options today.
Pathway Family Services provides a resourceful consultation on travel options with your foster child. We guarantee professionalism as we seek to ensure you abide by the law during your vacation. Contact us today for deeper insight into your foster child options.