The Impact of PTSD Symptoms in Teens

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), relates to those who have participated in combat, but it is often not discussed outside of this framework. In actuality, anyone who experienced or witnessed trauma has PTSD. Symptoms of PTSD can be particularly challenging for teenagers. PTSD can present in multiple ways including, flashbacks, difficulties with concentration, hypervigilance, and emotional … Read moreThe Impact of PTSD Symptoms in Teens

Long Term Fostering, A Bridge Toward Reunification

A foster family lends a unique role to children. Foster families nurture children of all ages and also provide security via shelter, food, and medical care. Throughout their relationship, foster parents also work closely with children’s biological families and child welfare professionals to ensure reunification is achieved, as appropriate. Foster families become a bridge for … Read moreLong Term Fostering, A Bridge Toward Reunification

Independent Living Program

Not everyone is promised the same opportunities in life. Sometimes adolescents age out of the foster care system, but don’t have a stable home environment. Further, they might not have ever been given the opportunity to have it. In life, things happen that are out of our control, and searching for ways to help a … Read moreIndependent Living Program

Supporting Your Child Through Residential Treatment

Even more challenging than watching your child struggle with a mental health disorder might be admitting them to residential treatment. Parents often feel out of control or lost as to how to support their child while the child participates in residential treatment. Research the Facility When selecting a facility for your child, find out as … Read moreSupporting Your Child Through Residential Treatment

What Are the Age Limits for Fostering?

If you are considering becoming a foster parent, you might have a number of questions. Specifically, you might have¬†questions about age limits for fostering. The good news is that Kansas’ foster care system has clear guidelines when it comes to age requirements and limits. How Old Do I Need to Be to Be a Foster … Read moreWhat Are the Age Limits for Fostering?

7 Family-Friendly Spring Activities to Enjoy Together This Season

Spring is finally here, which means children are itching to get outside and enjoy the warmer, happier air. As a parent, it can feel overwhelming when the weather starts to warm, with kids wanting to do all sorts of activities outside to celebrate the upcoming summer season. However, there are plenty of safe, low-budget outdoors activities that you can do with your children or monitor efficiently from the kitchen window.